Oil rig platform

Oil and gas

Improving performance and safety in hazardous environments.

Oil and gas companies operate in a highly competitive sector where infrastructure and production disruption implies huge economic loss. To ensure efficient and continuous operation, while meeting all security, safety and environment regulations network video surveillance has an important role to play throughout the supply chain – upstream, midstream and downstream.

Pipelines and oil pump jacks in the desert.

  • Ensuring operational efficiency
    By integrating video surveillance into the production system, you can remotely monitor production efficiency and visually inspect and verify that functions and processes are running correctly. This enables you to predict maintenance, even in areas difficult to access, and provide remote assistance with planned maintenance.

  • Protecting pipeline corridors
    Located over vast and remote areas, pipeline corridors are the most vulnerable part of the supply chain, and the costliest part to protect. Remote monitoring is a must, to efficiently protect complex piping network against damages. Our perimeter protection solution provides operators with visual information to make the appropriate decisions before sending out the correct response team.

  • Agile incident management
    Protecting the employees, the public and our environment is the number one priority. Integrating network video with HSE systems help ensure that safety rules and processes are being followed, and that tools and equipment is managed properly. Our solutions deliver critical real-time information for hazard identification, allowing for immediate incident response which can prove to be a life-saving benefit.