Camera system installation at the data center

German IT system house implements remote monitoring at its data center with the assistance of network cameras

“We have been working closely with Axis Communications for many years. We are hugely impressed with their products and very satisfied with the ease of use they offer. The network video solution gives us a great sense of security, because it allows us to see what is happening at our data center at any time and react immediately.” Jürgen Messmer, Business Service Manager, Bechtle AG.


Bechtle AG, a leading European IT company based in Germany, moved to an e-shelter data center in Frankfurt in 2017. Besides implementing building security measures, the aim was to comprehensively ensure information security of the data using camera technology with remote monitoring.


The criteria for selecting a suitable solution were already clearly defined beforehand: the cameras had to deliver excellent image quality so that all details could be captured even when zooming in. It was also important for the cameras to be able to detect movement and send real-time notifications of events. For this reason, the video management software required was also a crucial factor. Bechtle opted to work with its long-standing manufacturer partner Axis Communications, and installed a total of 25 network dome cameras and three network cameras providing a 360 panoramic view over and area of 500 m2. The solution was complemented by AXIS Camera Station, a verified video management software for managing network video products.


The installation of the network video solution and the commissioning of the system were straightforward and it was possible to start using the accompanying video management software without any additional training. The authorization concept, which regulates access to live footage, has since proven to be particularly practical and indispensable.

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