Traditional shopping mall installs modern video surveillance system

Swedish shopping center, Frölunda Torg, invests in safety and security by installing Axis IP cameras

“Just like most shopping centers, Frölunda Torg had to take action against shoplifting, intoxicated individuals and rowdy gangs of youths. Therefore, we chose to invest in a solid surveillance system. The property’s manager, Diligentia, chose to invest in security guards on patrol in combination with surveillance cameras.“ Johan Sjökvist, Business Developer Security at Addici Security.


Frölunda Torg is a shopping center located in the city district with over a hundred shops, restaurants and cafés all under one roof. The shopping center, which is managed by Diligentia, has struggled with problems such as vandalism, gangs and theft. Addici Security was hired to manage operations and provide security guards on foot patrol. The company was also responsible for purchasing a new surveillance system as previously all surveillance was being handled by just a few analog cameras, which could not handle their needs.


In connection with the renovation of Frölunda Torg, a surveillance system consisting of about 50 Axis network cameras were installed. In the purchase of the system, it was important not only to obtain an open platform, but also good enough image quality to make it possible to identify individuals via the camera images captured. Axis partner Insupport was commissioned to install the network cameras together with “Milestone Corporate software” from Axis ADP partner Milestone Systems.


The new surveillance system has been deployed to monitor entrances, large public areas and delivery areas. All images are stored and recorded locally. The high-quality images captured make it possible to identify exactly what has happened in any incident which occurs, allowing the staff to circulate images and identify suspects. After an incident, images from the cameras can also be examined by the police and used as evidence. For the future, Diligentia is considering an addition to their new surveillance package of around 200 of the shops located in the shopping center. If the new installation proves effective, the additional cameras will be connected to the existing central surveillance system.

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