AXIS Streaming Assistant

For streaming or web conferencing applications


  • Use your Axis network camera for streaming
  • Skype for Business support*
  • Audio support
  • PTZ support

Easy integration with most streaming applications

When AXIS Streaming Assistant is installed on a computer, it automatically discovers any Axis product on the network. The video and audio streams from the cameras can then be used in third-party software applications such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. 

Videoconferencing – Skype for Business

AXIS Streaming Assistant works as a bridge between an Axis camera and a web conferencing application such as Skype for Business. With AXIS T8311 joystick, the user can pan, tilt and zoom an Axis camera in the application. All Axis cameras and encoders with firmware 4.47 and later are supported.

Maximum flexibility

AXIS Streaming Assistant supports streams from multiple cameras. AXIS Streaming Assistant enables you to use an Axis camera in a wide range of solutions, such as Videoconferencing, events broadcasting, and live monitoring.

*PTZ support only applicable with the use of AXIS T8311 joystick in Skype for Business

Free download

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Release notes


Supported products

AXIS Streaming Assistant is compatible with all Axis network cameras and video encoders*.


Note: Firmware version 4.47 or higher needed.


*Axis Companion Line products not supported.