Waasland Shopping Center: carefree shopping supported by Axis network cameras

A safe shopping experience is worth its weight in gold

“We carefully considered several brands, but in the end we opted to go with Axis. It is a reliable, global player with an excellent name and reputation, and they work with open software; that inspires confidence.” Toon De Meester, Shopping Center Manager.


For over fifteen years, Waasland Shopping Center has been a big name in the retail landscape. When the renovated shopping center opened its doors in 2004, the security system for the complex consisted of 60 analogue cameras which were monitored by means of four overview screens and one main screen. Due to the unavailability of spare parts over time, more and more devices broke down. This led to an increasing number of blind spots, prompting the decision to overhaul the security system and modernize it thoroughly.


Working in close consultation with integrator ESSC, various options were explored, comparing camera types as well as providers. Choosing Axis was a future-driven choice: the open software guaranteed a swift implementation of any future solutions. In addition, the name and reputation that Axis has earned over the years, as well as its focus on cybersecurity, inspire a great deal of confidence.


The implementation of the Axis network cameras provided comprehensive camera surveillance which is easy to integrate into the overall security policy. The options offered by the new system ensured that the ties to the local police force could be reinforced and that this collaboration would pay off immediately.

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