Web articles

Our web articles describe topics such as video surveillance, camera installation and how to obtain
the image quality needed for specific surveillance objectives.

Network video technology

Ten reasons to switch to IP-based video

Take a look at ten key motivators for switching from analog to IP based cameras.

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Video analytics

Learn about video analytics software and how it can make your video surveillance system more efficient.

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Thermal imaging

The goal of this article is to provide a better understanding of thermal imaging technology and when it can be used.
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Panoramic cameras

This is a brief walkthrough of different types of panoramic cameras and what differentiates them. 
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System design

Site survey considerations

Before installing a surveillance system, we recommend you do a site survey and document it for future needs and upgrades.

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Prepare your network video system

How to design a network video system depends on your application need and level of complexity.

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Sound in surveillance

Learn how audio can extend your video surveillance system’s capabilities.

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Low light solutions

Designing a surveillance system to function in low light conditions is not always easy. Axis Communications offers a number of products to support different solutions.

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Perfect pixel count

This step-by-step guide helps you select the best cameras for your operational requirements and surveillance scenarios.

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Identification and recognition

The focus of this tutorial is how cameras in a surveillance project can provide the close-up footage required for identification and recognition.
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Introduction to imaging

To work successfully with video surveillance, it’s essential to understand the basic factors that contribute to good image usability. 
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Image quality

This guide is about what image quality is and how to get it. 
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Lenses for network video cameras

Learn about the various types of lens available for network video cameras, and about how the smartest of them can make video surveillance easier.
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Axis product capabilities

Reducing the bit rate with Axis Zipstream

Learn about Axis Zipstream and how it can help you save on bandwidth and storage.
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Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Learn why dynamic range is a challenge and how it can be handled.
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Top ten installation challenges

In this ten-step guide, we describe some of the challenges you can encounter during installation, and how to deal with them.

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Power surges

Learn about what these surges are, what they can do and how you can benefit from the built-in capabilities of Axis cameras.

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Troubleshooting Axis cameras

This article will guide you through some useful steps in troubleshooting your Axis network cameras.

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