Axis Free Software

To request free software from Axis, send a letter to the address below. In the letter, please state the following:

  • Product and code release (to ensure that you will receive the correct version of the code)
  • Name and snail mail address where to send the code
  • Billing address

The licenses for the different code releases and code packages can vary, and the terms will be included in the requested code package. For information about different free software licenses, please study the list of licenses at the home page of the Free Software Foundation. The code is distributed as is under no warranty from Axis.

Requested code releases and code packages will be delivered on separate CDs at a charge of US$20 each to cover distribution costs.

Axis IPR Department Contact Information:

IPR Department
Axis Communications AB
Emdalavägen 14
SE-223 29 Lund