Nanning Railway Bureau uses Axis Lightfinder technology

Nanning Railway Bureau upgrades surveillance system with Axis Lightfinder

“Incredible, this camera (AXIS Q1602) can show clear, colored images in such bad lighting environments! This is the best result I have ever seen so far amongst video cameras!“ Mr. Chen, Nanning Railway Bureau.


Nanning Railway Bureau needs a video surveillance system to manage security related issues in a variation of dark locations. The Police Department and the Public Security Bureau are required to keep track of time data to be able to gather the latest information in a timely manner. It is therefore necessary for each installed video to be managed from a central station.


When upgrading the surveillance system, it is possible for Nanning Railway Bureau to monitor the inbound and outbound occurrences in real time as well as dark areas such as inside a bus station. Axis network cameras fulfill the Chinese Railway Bureau needs and were chosen for the project. AXIS Q1602 Network Camera features the advanced Lightfinder technology that achieves color in low-light conditions. AXIS Q1604 Network Camera is able to show details of trains coming into and leaving the station, regardless of the light situation as it offers exceptionally good video performance in highly variations of light with its Wide Dynamic Range capabilities.


The upgrade of the surveillance system makes it possible for Nanning Railway Bureau to capture the number of inbound trains entering the station as well as being served with crucial images. Every Police Department is equally capable of accessing images in progress and other video recordings of their area.

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