Traffic intersection in Korea


The road to smarter traffic management

Improve road safety and traffic flow with video-based traffic management solutions from Axis and Citilog. Together with our partners, we visualize your entire road network - providing real-time insight to simplify decision making and get more from your existing infrastructure. 

Reducing incident response times by 50% in Caen, France

A smarter way to manage traffic incidents

Combining high quality images with automated edge-based video analysis allows you to detect, verify and respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.
Using applied deep learning on the industry’s most robust video image dataset, Citilog analytics reliably detect actionable incidents while significantly reducing troublesome false alarms. 

Optimizing intersection control in Atlanta, GA

A smarter way to keep traffic moving

Envision a smoother flow on your roadways, with less congestion, gridlock and environmental impact. Our intelligent video solutions provide reliable real-time flow assessment and tools for detecting and relieving queues, so that you can optimize traffic light cycles, prioritize public transport and improve efficiency at intersections and along major roads.

A smarter way to enforce traffic laws

Try viewing traffic enforcement in a different light.

Axis helps you identify traffic offenders with fewer feet on the ground. Our license plate cameras are designed to capture high quality images in free-flow traffic. And AXIS Parking Violation Detection improves urban mobility by detecting illegal and unauthorized parking on city streets and bus lanes.

A smarter way to gather traffic statistics

Take a comprehensive and detailed look at the traffic on your roadways. We make it easy and economical for you to collect large-scale traffic and micro mobility data, without the need for dedicated equipment.  Our intelligent video solutions help you expand your possibilities for real-time and long-term traffic improvement.

A smarter way to monitor real-time road conditions

Weather, potholes, wildlife, flooding and human error are all potential road hazards. Keep an eye on road conditions and spot potential risks in real-time with our high-quality network cameras. Designed to withstand harsh weather and minimize maintenance, they visualize every detail of your road network, day or night, with advanced technology to minimize the effects of sun glare, wet pavement reflection, and headlight blooming.

AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera

Heavy duty PTZ camera with long-range IR

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Q1700-LE License Plate Camera

Sharp license plate images day and night

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AXIS Q1615-E Network Camera

Superior image quality of high-speed objects

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AXIS P1375-E Network Camera

Ideal for sharp images in wide outdoor areas

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