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Stay on top of your game

Dealing with security in casinos is a multifaceted task. Not only do you need to safeguard your people, but you need to protect your assets while conforming to often strict gaming regulations. With the added challenges of difficult lighting, high ceilings, as well as your need for capturing the smallest of varying shapes and colors – Axis keeps you ahead of the game by helping you to:

  • Protect people and staff without being obtrusive
  • Monitor detail in gaming operations
  • Efficiently investigate incidents and identify fraudulent behavior
  • Oversee all areas of your casino

Never miss a beat

In an environment that is constantly in motion and never sleeps, it´s important to have round-the-clock security that doesn´t miss a beat. And this security must be infallible. Axis´ reliable and flexible network video solutions give you the opportunity to oversee all areas of your casino without any added hassle.

Monitor your slot machines, tables, cash handling areas, corridors, entrances and exits, parking lots, and more – all while adhering to rapidly evolving regulations.

Your extra set of eyes

Card symbols, chip colors, and transactions between staff and guests are just a few of the details you need to be able to see. Given challenging lighting conditions and varying reflections in seemingly fast motion, a reliable system will go far in helping you meet your daily surveillance needs.  Axis´ HDTV quality and megapixel resolution will help you to achieve greater efficiency in monitoring high-liability areas.