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Axis Certification Program gives you a true competitive advantage. Because it signals that you have deep, relevant knowledge about Axis products and the latest network video technology.

We make it easy for you to prepare for the exam. Or if you already know a lot about Axis and network video technology, you can skip the preparation and go straight to the exam. It’s available at 5,000 testing centers around the world for just USD 150. The test itself is available in multiple languages. And certification is valid for three years. Plus it’s easier than ever to renew your certification.

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What’s in it for you?

Having Axis Certified Professionals on your team – or being one yourself – qualifies you to work with network video and networking system design and installation on the highest level. You’ll learn more, sell more and earn more.

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Axis Certified Professionals who are employed by one of our partner companies can recertify online for free.

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