Video encoders

Rack-mounted video encoders

When the AXIS Q7900 Rack is fully outfitted with 6-channel video encoder blades, it can accommodate as many as 84 analog cameras.

Rack-mounted video encoders are beneficial in instances where there are many analog cameras with coaxial cables running to a dedicated control room. They enable many analog cameras to be connected and managed from one rack in a central location. A rack allows a number of different video encoder blades to be mounted and thereby offers a flexible, expandable, high-density solution. A video encoder blade may support one, four or six analog cameras. A blade can be seen as a video encoder without a casing, although it cannot function on its own; it has to be mounted in a rack to operate.

Axis video encoder racks support features such as hot swapping of blades; that is, blades can be removed or installed without having to power down the rack. The racks also provide serial communication and input/output connectors for each video encoder blade, in addition to a common power supply and shared Ethernet network connection(s).

See AXIS Q7900 Rack and AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack.

Video encoders with PTZ cameras and PTZ domes