Increased security and better quality of life for care recipients through technology

Better care provision and enhanced quality of life for elderly people and others in need of care in Grimstad municipality, thanks to a digital solution from Axis and Tellu

“It’s been an incredibly exciting and very successful cooperation, in which we’ve combined an innovative solution with good functionality.” Caroline Cappalen, Product Manager, Tellu.


Grimstad municipality in southern Norway wanted elderly people and other municipality residents in need of healthcare and care to have the opportunity to stay at home as long as possible and not need to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility. They should feel safe and get help when they needed it. Grimstad municipality also wanted to ensure that care would be provided to those most in need of it, in order to make optimal use of the “healing hands” of the human resources. The municipality wanted to increase the security and well-being of the care recipients at elderly care homes. Grimstad municipality also wanted to improve the work environment for the staff and to streamline the workload, both for staff working to help care recipients at home and for staff working at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


The municipality ordered the installation of a solution consisting of AXIS P3245-LV and AXIS M1065 Network Cameras, as well as the Digital supervision service from Tellu at the homes of the care recipients. The next step was to install the same solution in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Digital supervision via cameras is carried out by healthcare personnel or by staff at a regional or national emergency call centre, often in combination.


Using the solution from Tellu and Axis, people in need of care and healthcare can stay at home longer. What’s more, people who previously lived in nursing homes and assisted living have been able to move back home thanks to the solution. Care recipients have a better quality of life, a better night’s sleep, and an increased sense of security. It has also meant an increased feeling of security for family and relatives. The solution has led to major cost savings since healthcare personnel do not need to visit a care recipient unnecessarily, as well as to a smaller carbon footprint thanks to fewer unnecessary trips. For the healthcare personnel, it has also meant freed-up time through correct resource allocation; and they have a calmer work environment with less stress.

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