Mysore Palace installs Axis network cameras for integrated and intelligent crowd management

Cutting edge surveillance helps the heritage site with automated crowd management

“We needed to upgrade to IP camera technology and high-quality cameras with a strong product support to ensure greater peace of mind. Axis Communications has provided us with a sturdy solution and ongoing support from a wide reseller network.” Deputy Director, Mysore Palace Board-Mysuru.


Mysore Palace is one of the world’s most famous and busiest heritage sites in Karnataka and occupies an area of 72 acres with an annual footfall of up to 3.5 million visitors per year and on summer/festival/Dussehra holidays, it goes up to 25,000-30,000 visitors per day. It has sprawling gardens and huge parking areas which had many blind spots. The need of the hour was an IP surveillance solution that would be able to handle the busy activity of the site particularly during the holidays, peak tourist season and Dussehra when it receives the highest footfall during the year. In order to have a complete security cover over the palace grounds and the adjoining areas, the management was looking for a modern IP solution that could reduce human intervention and the bandwidth of stored videos.


There was a basic surveillance system in place to start with but it was not regularly updated or upgraded. When BDC was contacted, they did a survey of the existing solution to be able to design the upgraded solution with Axis Communications to meet the updated security requirements. The solution comprised of 125+ Axis network cameras consisting of different models to provide excellent image quality which are all powered over the Ethernet. The outdoor cameras chosen were vandal-resistant and enabled with Axis Lightfinder technology, giving them extreme low light visibility. The indoor cameras installed were discreet to easily blend in with the aesthetics of Mysore Palace. The implementation included covering the area with Axis cameras from every point – entry and parking lots, and to enable these areas with remote monitoring functions. The command control room was designed to give an overview to monitor the interior and its immediate surroundings. Alarm indicators were installed to alert security in case of trespassing in the restricted zones. This in turn could facilitate quick intervention from the guards.


Mysore Palace has achieved remote monitoring successfully and the Axis cameras allow fast responses for any potential security breaches. It also provides perfect vision even during the evenings when the light and sound show takes place and the surrounding is dark, and it becomes difficult to detect miscreants. There is also testing going on with an Axis audio system, with network mini speakers and horn speakers as an added security feature to the palace, and analytics such as people counting, body temperature of visitors coming inside, face mask on/off, AXIS Perimeter Defender, etc. The clarity received in terms of color precision is high from the Axis cameras leading to only 0.5 error, and helping to make sure that the right person can be identified in a crowd.

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