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Axis network cameras act as backbone of Chernomorsk port security platform

“At all times sea and river ports demand enhanced protection: apart from intrusion, larceny and smuggling they are also at risk for terrorism and piracy. Protecting these critical infrastructures is one of the main issues for national security, therefore this project involved the best engineering experts and the most reliable equipment.” Chernomorsk Sea Port Security Service.


With its capacity of 32 million tons per year and water frontage of 6 kilometers, Chernomorsk sea port is one of the largest transport terminals in Ukraine, providing trade links with more than 100 countries all over the world. This port is a part of Eurasian transport corridor connecting the Western European countries, Ukraine, Georgia and the Asian countries. Its territory embodies the unique multimodal terminal that serves railway, ferry and auto-ferry lines as well as roll-on/roll-off vessels. The mission was to implement round-the-clock monitoring of the port territory and port waters in order to detect violations and prevent them.


Experts from Inlimited suggested fitting the port with thermal technology platforms using 11 Axis network thermal cameras aboard (including models with two sensors: optic and thermal). PTZ cameras with integrated Axis Lightfinder technology are used, among others, for monitoring in challenging light conditions with low object contrast or difficult light sources. Thermal network cameras support guard tour function that can be used for continuous monitoring of a particular area according to the preset guard tour.


In the context of modernization, the existing port security system was extended with the following video surveillance solutions: computer-aided continuous visual monitoring of the water frontage, the adjacent port area and the port waters of Sukhyi Estuary, the area along the port perimeter as well as monitoring of vehicles (license plate recognition) and approaches to the mounting locations of the main cameras. Centralized security service control center offer video analysis capabilities. Video surveillance solutions integrated into a single software and hardware platform provide high-quality digital video real time record and store the archive for a minimum of 30 days.

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