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Fullarton school rolls out “perfect” network audio solution from Axis Communications

Organization: Sunrise Christian School
Location: South Australia, Australia
Customer need: Public address
South Australia, Australia, 

Axis speakers provide new features in the upgrade to a new
network audio system, fulfilling the school’s current and future needs.


Through trusted service providers SUDO IT, Sunrise Christian School Fullarton were looking for an upgraded Public Announcement and school bell system. The solution needed to be user-friendly, sensitive to the residen- tial area around the school and capable of zoning to different areas of the campus. Ultimately, the new audio system would need to offer far greater functionality than the old analogue solution and provide a platform that future-proofs Sunrise Christian School for future digital integrations.


Following a trial of AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker, staff found they could operate the system quickly and efficiently via the web-based user interface, creating specific alerts and messages for their individu- al class needs. School bells could be zoned in a manner that did not disrupt the school’s Early Learning Centre, while major, school-wide announcements could be sent right across campus on demand.


SUDO IT found the deployment to be easy and effective, and AXIS C2005 now provides users at Sunrise Christian School with a simple, very functional system that meets the needs of both individual classroom teachers and the broader school community.

We scrutinised the AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker very thoroughly like we always do for any deployment and found that it suited our needs perfectly.
Kris Kopicki, Systems Engineer

Upgraded audio solution

Schools are inherently sensitive environments, and changes require special consideration. When Sunrise Christian School began to search for a new Public Announcement (PA) system, it was necessary to consider aspects of the deployment such as external noise, different zones within the campus grounds, and special needs requirements.

“We figured, why bother putting in a legacy analogue system like the one already deployed at Sunrise Chris- tian School, when we could use something modern with far greater functionality. We also looked at the deployment as a platform for the wider group of schools we support,” said Kris 

Simple, user-friendly audio solution

When Sunrise Christian School began to search for a replacement for their older analogue system, they discovered that an AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker ticked a lot of boxes. The network-attached speaker comes equipped with a built-in amplifier and is Power- over-Ethernet (PoE), so does not require hard-wiring to mains or a power point in order to function.

“Staff found the speakers to be simple and intuitive and were quickly able to manage the system themselves with no intervention from us. They were able to sched- ule alarms and announcements quickly and easily, and found the system to be agile and flexible,” said Kris

Easy zoning

In an effort to be sensitive to their neighbours the new system is less invasive than the previous ‘old school’ bell. It can also direct PA announcements internally where applicable, rather than blasting them across the campus. As another benefit of the zoned system, the ELC can play music and other learning tools such as audio books to their children, and not disrupt the rest of the school.

“We were looking for an outcome that delivered to as many stakeholders as possible, as well as fitting many of the criteria that we were looking at from an IT perspective,” continues Kris.

Strong, effective security protocols

“With .1X protocols, a lot of vendors say that they do it, but they don’t do it properly. Axis adheres to this high- ly secure protocol, and does it well. The tools that they include with their devices make deployments a breeze. Things like that make life easier and more secure for everyone,” said Kris.

Also of importance to SUDO IT is the continuity provided by the system from Axis. The audio solution does not solely rely on an internet connection, so if the WAN does go down, scheduled bells will continue to operate as normal with minimal disruption to the school routine.

The outcome

AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker was easy to set up, meeting all network security goals. The solution is highly functional within the broader school ecosystem and compatible with associated devices. 

“Everything lined up perfectly for this, the Axis team at just the right time as they were beta-testing new software for AXIS C2005, and they offered us a chance to trial it. The features were perfectly suited to our new platform, and we found that Axis were really flexible in giving us exactly what we needed. We now have a platform that we can deploy to any site around the state.”

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