Keeping an eye on suburban crime

Suburban Anti-Crime Initiative installs network video monitoring system

‘Response’ means the battle has already been lost. The war against crime is necessitating a more proactive approach, with more emphasis on early detection and prevention of crime, says Geoff Schapiro, Director, Cingulum Security Services.


Four suburbs comprising 900 households in the north of Johannesburg, South Africa, wanted to reduce crime in the area and improve the effectiveness of the security patrols. They needed a solution that would provide early warning of potential criminal activity so they could move from a reactive to a preventative strategy.


Cingulum Security Services, the company contracted by the home owners, installed and now manages a network of 32 Axis network video cameras. The cameras are strategically placed to cover the main access points and areas of higher security risk. These are monitored from a central control room which is in permanent radio contact with armed response teams and static guards who are alerted to suspicious activity.


Rapid response to suspicious movements has made the criminal element aware that they are being monitored. Residents have experienced a reduction in incidents and feel more secure in their homes.

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