IP-Surveillance meets flexibility needs of hospitality industry

Axis network cameras provide a safe environment and give patrons peace of mind

“We really wanted to show the project managers of Kewdale Tavern how a top of the line IP CCTV system, specifically with robust Axis network cameras, stacks up against the analog solutions they have previously used.“ Cameron Watts, Zenien Technical Director.


To provide adequate security and peace of mind to 500 daily patrons of the new Kewdale Tavern in Perth, Australia.


Zenien designed and deployed an IP camera system that can be accessed remotely and by multiple parties, that monitors all public areas of the premises and all areas that hold valuable items.


In the six months since the system was installed, antisocial behavior has already been noticeably reduced and the footage recorded by the camera has helped secure successful prosecution of an attempted theft from the tavern.

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