Cuneo Municipality

A successful example of a municipal video surveillance system

“Axis network cameras live up to our expectations; they are reliable and easy to configure.” Dr. Pier Angelo Mariani, Comune di Cuneo.


In view of society’s growing need for security, the Municipality of Cuneo, chief city of the Piedmont province of thesame name, has implemented a territorial video surveillance system to protect the city’s remarkable artistic heritage andensure better road conditions. In all respects, this system is a highly successful example of the development of amunicipal surveillance project.


This solution, designed to meet the surveillance needs of the territory, in order to prevent and discourage illegalactivities and improve the urban road network, was implemented by installing 57 Axis network cameras both outdoors andindoors. Fiber-optic cables connect these cameras by means of the “Ethernet Over Power Lines” technology.


The outcome has been extremely positive. The most relevant evidence of this is the district representatives’ intention toextend the system to all areas of the city. The system comprises an Operations Center located in the Municipal Police Station, a Data Collection and StorageSystem located in the Data Processing Division and remotely-controlled network cameras connected to the municipal datatransmission network.

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