Engestur S.A.

IP video surveillance as an enhancement of the services offered to car park users in Badalona

“Our users’ expectations regarding the IP video surveillance system installationhave been significantly exceeded; the availability of digital video 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has enabled us to raise our level of security and service quality to users and make car park managementmore profitable. - Francisco Panella Saquero, Director of Commercial Services,Engestur S.A.


Sociedad Engestur manages 32 car parks under an administrative license (almost 8,000 parking spaces) in the city of Badalona. Until now, as a measure of prevention against vandalism and theft, each car park has been manned by an attendant who was not on 24-hour duty and represented a costly service. The purpose of the project was to significantly improve the security system in the car parks, reduce costs in the medium term, improve the quality of service offered to users and reduce the response time should any incident occur.


Ritelclim S.L, an Axis partner, was the integrator in charge of the project to create the new technical infrastructures. In order to implement the new system, it recommended the use of a total of 140 day/night AXIS 221 Network Cameras distributed among the 12 car parksmanaged by Engestur, and the XProtect® video management software of the Milestone company, storage on PC, ADSL lines for sending images, Cisco 837 ADSL routers,a satellite vehicle location system and a 900 incident management telephone.


Implementation of this new system represents improved profitability for the company, an innovative solution based on the security of the car park usersand a great advance with regard to the swiftness of action/reaction when incidents occur on the premises.

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