La Nucía Town Council

Video surveillance applications working for the public authorities

“The system has been running for six months, and the benefits we have seen in the Council, from both the financial and securitypoints of view, have convinced us of the success of the project. We are in fact continuing to install these products, as it saves the Authority alot of money.” Bernabé Cano, Mayor of La Nucía.


In response to the accelerating growth which La Nucía has experienced over the last few years, the town council facilities have expanded to meet the needs of its citizens. The opening of new premises is a logical consequence of this, but brings with it the problem of meeting the expenses of recruiting staff to handle the daily management of these new buildings.


In its search for a solution to these needs, the IT department of La Nucía town council proposed the introduction of an IP video surveillance system, one with the clear objective of not only performing surveillance and control functions but also of allowing the council to save costs by using theinstallation to manage the work of its own staff at the council; it would show where and when staff were needed at all times, as well as what work wasbeing done in each room of the many buildings involved in the project. The main reason which tipped the balance in favor of the IP system was that it would share infrastructure with the Council’s computer network, which, besides saving on cabling costs, would allow the system to be maintained by the IT department itself. In addition, the La Nucía Local Police, who were aware of the project, added a number of minimum requirements for the system so that it would also beable to serve as an extra instrument in improving municipal security.


The local company “Nucisys,” dedicated to all things concerning information systems, designed the final solution, combining the scalability, imagequality and stability of Axis network cameras with the portability and mobility provided by 3G Sentinel technology. The assessment is that the result so far has been superb, placing La Nucía at the forefront of town councils as far as technical infrastructures areconcerned. This is a matter of pride both for the installers and the rest of the Council staff. In addition, the public are receiving an indirect benefit in the speeding up of their dealings with the authority. The idea has been applauded by other town councils in the area, and some of themintend to emulate La Nucía by incorporating this type of innovative solution.

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