Axis brews up range of business benefits for Zerodegrees

IP-Surveillance System pays for itself fast, after theft caught on camera

"The trial convinced me of the value of networking surveillance cameras. It taught me that cameras could be used to provide me with visualupdates on how a restaurant is doing day to day. I could see it as a great additional management tool as well as a security device." Nick Desai, Zerodegrees


Fast-growing microbrewery chain Zerodegrees, was dissatisfied with the limitations of analog-based CCTV cameras and digital video recorders that had been installed in some of the sites it acquired in London. For its new restaurant and microbrewery sites, chief executive and co-founder of Zerodegrees,Nick Desai, wanted the ability to ensure evidence caught on camera was usable for police identification purposes. He also wanted to be able to keep an eye on his growing business whilst at home or travelling abroad.


At its new Zerodegrees outlet in Bristol, Nick Desai decided to install a total of sixteen Axis network cameras and four analog cameras. Inside the 1,160 sqm site, six AXIS 2110 Network Cameras, four AXIS 211 Network Cameras, three AXIS 205 Network Cameras and one AXIS 207W Network Camerawere deployed. Four analogue cameras feed into two AXIS 241Q Video Servers with all images managed by a Milestone XProtect® Professional Version 4 system.


Soon after the installation, a Zerodegrees staff member stole a large sum of cash from the till on a busy Friday night. Images were captured on two Axis network cameras and the employee was successfully prosecuted. An additional benefit has been the ability to gain access to any Axis network camera in this restaurant from anywhere in the world so the manager can keep a close eye on how the business is doing without beingphysically there.

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