Municipal crime fighting partnership

Local government, business and police use IP-Surveillance to combat crime

"Using IP-based network video rather than traditional analogCCTV gave us more flexibility and simplified integration with thecurrent network infrastructure in the Msukaligwa Municipality." saysRetief Bezuidenhout, Partner, Shop 4 Security.


Msukaligwa Municipality in South Africa, one of the smaller towns in the country, was faced with escalating crime in the central business district. They determined to install a video surveillance system as a public safety project, with the aim of making the streets safer and thereby promoting tourism and protecting the interests of local businesses. The Municipality wanted to apply current technology to emulate successful projects carried out in major cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, but wanted to do so without massive capital expenditure.


A tender was put out to local companies for a network video system modelled on camera surveillance in London (UK). Local support, integration with existing infrastructure and price were the major criteria, and Axis partner Shop 4 Security was awarded the tender for the design and installation of the system. The solution proposed uses a combination of dome and fixed network cameras, linked primarily by Proxim Tsunami MP.11 5.8GHz wireless links operating at 54Mbps to provide high quality day/night coverage of the CBD and other key points, and is readily extendible to cover private businesses, homes and farms. Visec NVR 64 Enterprise recording software was used on the main console and two instances of VISEC NVR 16 for the controller and for a backup station.


Within two weeks of commissioning, crime in the monitored area dropped by 30% (unofficial police statistics), and more than halved over the next three months. Public perception of the area has improved significantly, and the project is seen as an example for other towns to follow.

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