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Network video keeps Dallas Police one step ahead of drug dealers


The Dallas Police Department needed a covert surveillance system that officers could easily deploy for gathering intelligence before and during drug raids. The system also needed to be completely mobile and manageable from a remote monitoring station without distance limitations.


The Dallas PD turned to Mobile ID Solutions, Inc., an Axis Partner and the largest reseller of Junxion equipment, to create a system that enables Axis pan/tilt/zoom network cameras to send video wirelessly over the existing cellular broadband network. The system uses 3G wireless technology to transport surveillance video from Axis network cameras that are hidden in the area of the possible drug raid.


Using the solution that Mobile ID Solutions engineered, the Dallas PD can set up covert surveillance near any location in which a drug search warrant will be executed. Live images from the site can be monitored 24 hours a day by officers in the field, at headquarters, or at home by those who are off duty.

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