Network video moves to the head of the class

Axis network video delivers lessons to students in alternative classrooms


The Lauderdale County School District in Meridian, Mississippi, needed a way to guarantee that students serving in-school suspension received an equal level of education as students in regular classrooms.


Lauderdale worked with CameraWATCH, an Axis partner specializing in network video solutions for schools, to install 75 Axis network cameras with conference microphones. The cameras and microphones were placed in core classrooms throughout six middle schools and high schools. This allows students serving in-school suspension to remain on campus, and learn via video from an isolated classroom. The district set up the network camera system on its existing IP network, which enabled the district to better utilize the extra bandwidth.


Using the Axis network cameras and microphones, misbehaving students are able to participate in class lectures on a listen-only basis. The alternative classroom is always monitored by an employee, but the students still receive the same instruction as the rest of their classmates. Using the Axis network video solution also allows Lauderdale to more easily staff the alternative classrooms. Instead of having a qualified teacher for all subject matters and age levels, a single certified teacher or a classified facilitator is able to monitor the room. Students also do not fall behind in their coursework and are able to complete all assignments and tests within the same time frame as students in the general classroom. The system has been so successful that the district is looking to expand the capabilities with an archival system. This would allow all students to watch recorded lessons from school or home.

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