Axis brings safety and accountability to school

Special needs school brings greater safety to children and accountability to stakeholders with Axis network cameras

"The easy transition to digital with data running through a PC has significantly increased the image resolution of any incidences that take place from a distance away." says Mr Whiti Harris, Director of Residential Services, Waimokoia School


The Waimokoia Residential School in New Zealand has facilities to accommodate up to 44 pupils, aged 7-13, and wants to provide a safe and secure environment for its students and teachers; security cameras are central to this. With students exhibiting behavioural and social problems, there were occasional incidences of children wandering from their residences. Security cameras were also relied upon if allegations of misconduct arose and monitored the school‘s facilities, such as car parks and playgrounds, from being used by the general public without permission.


On the recommendation of IT consultancy PassionIT, Waimokoia School installed 18 Axis network cameras distributed by LAN1 in New Zealand. "Axis was clearly the best solution on the market," says Scott Palmer, Director for PassionIT, "and one of the few brands that has proven itself effective in security for a school environment." The Axis network cameras stream live video to an Insite PC, which serves as a high quality server. The desktop hold 50 days of data and has a 300 GB hard drive for the video data and an 80 GB hard drive for the operating system.


"Simply the presence of the Axis network cameras in the classroom has raised staff confidence in situations with students of behavioural needs where the possibility for riotous situations is high," says Mr Harris. The network cameras monitor incidences which had a low visibility in the past and places the School in a stronger position to provide more accountability and have more involvement from the stakeholders and the community.

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