ASAN GateKeeper boosts security in parking garages

Using equipment from Axis, combined with advanced technology for identifying license plates, ASAN Security Technologies Ltd. has enhanced security and improved service in some of Finland’s biggest parking facilities

"The image resolution was critical," Stenfors explains. "Our system depends on high, consistent image quality, and that didn’t leave many alternatives to Axis cameras on the market."
ASAN Security Technologies Ltd. has developed a new method of identifying license plates on cars coming into or leaving a parking garage. A camera reads the plate and sends the data to a central server for processing. The solution requires excellent resolution for optimum recognition. At ForumP, one of Finland’s biggest parking garages, the owner had identified a need to facilitate the logistics of traffic in and out of the garage. They also wanted to enhance security at the facility. At ForumP, the ASAN® GateKeeper™ solution has provided superb results. ASAN GateKeeper uses Axis network cameras for the best image quality. ForumP had an analog surveillance system previously, but now it has been digitized with Axis video servers. Two ASAN servers store and manage the media and the identification of license plates. In ASAN GateKeeper, ForumP has the market’s most secure system for monitoring traffic in and out of the garage. The risk for car theft has shrunk drastically, the number of error reports has dropped, and the system is already prepared for future intelligent-video upgrades. The system offers 99.5% precision and can identify license plates from 49 countries. "One big advantage of the ASAN GateKeeper system is that is provides information on every vehicle that enters or leaves the garage," says Anton Stenfors, Business Development Director at ASAN Security Technologies. "This speeds up the passage in and out, boosts security and allows for new services that facilitate parking."

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