Network video equals safer schools

Axis network cameras keep a watchful eye on students, faculty and staff

"By piggybacking the video network onto the voice network, we were able to save significant amounts of time and money. The Axis network cameras are so bandwidth efficient that the video does not slow down or degrade the voice network."Anita Better, director of information technology for the Eastchester Union Free School District.

The Mission

The Eastchester Union Free School District wanted to improve security on all five of its school campuses by replacing its analog camera system with a network-based system. The analog system often did not properly record video and provided only grainy, black-and-white images, which made it difficult to identify people.

The Solution

Eastchester worked with Select Telecom Inc., an Axis Communications partner, to install approximately 100 Axis network cameras throughout the campuses. Select Telecom set up the network camera system on the district’s existing voice over IP (VoIP) network, which enabled the district to better utilize the extra bandwidth.

The Result

Using the Axis network cameras, authorized users such as principals and members of the information technology (IT) department can access live or recorded video of hallways, doorways, stairways, lunchrooms, computer labs and libraries at any school via the Internet. This enables them to better track activity on each campus and improve security for the students, faculty and staff.

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