La Despensa Supermarkets

Effective and secure video surveillance installed by 2GRE2 Network, a premium partner of Axis Communications

"The main benefit we have obtained is that the quality manager can now monitor, from any location and 24 hours a day, the activity at each of the supermarkets we own across Spain." Luis Doblado, Director of Operations, La Despensa Supermarkets
The LA DESPENSA group of supermarkets has 41 supermarkets across Spain. It has more than 20 years of experience in the distribution sector. Each supermarket has an average sales area of 700 m² and is supplied from a central store of 10,000 m², which provides the goods needed for sale at each of its supermarkets.


Because of the process of geographical expansion which has taken place over the last few years, the La Despensa chain of supermarkets decided it was necessary to install a modern, responsive and flexible video surveillance system to achieve the following objectives: to monitor potential security problems, remotely access images from the higher-value product sections, give added protection to the check-out area and create a further deterrent to minor theft. Previously, at some centers only, human surveillance systems were assigned mainly to the check-out area and some internal sections (private).


2GRE2 Network implemented the project and proposed a solution that employs the IP products of Axis and the video management software of IProNet. At each branch, center or supermarket, a preliminary study was carried out to determine the points to be monitored and to examine the existing network and the infrastructure needed to achieve the objectives.

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