Van Roey Automation entrusts the security of its shop to Axis network cameras

"It struck us that Axis was the only provider of network cameras that had a comprehensive and professional range of products," says owner Patrick Van Roey.
Van Roey Automation, which implements and maintains network infrastructure for customers in Turnhout, Belgium, began looking at options to secure its building after experiencing frequent break-in attempts. Explains company owner Patrick Van Roey: "The second break-in saw the thieves make off with a pallet of laptops. In October 2004, after a third shot at a ram-raid, I decided the time had come to use camera surveillance to provide additional protection for the place." Security specialists, Azlan, provided the company with the opportunity to try out and compare a number of different brands and types of camera. It quickly became clear that Axis' network cameras offered many benefits, which include:  
  • A built-in computer, which means the network camera can operate as a stand-alone unit.
  • A built-in Web server, which makes remote monitoring possible via a wired or wireless LAN, intranet or Internet, and a standard Web browser.
  • Up to 20 authorized users, using personal passwords, can gain total or selective access to the images at the same time from various locations.
  • The camera's digital inputs, when linked to an alarm control room or sensor, make it possible to transmit pictures from the camera to a pre-determined receiver. An e-mail or SMS alarm can then be sent to a mobile phone.
  • The camera's digital outputs ensure that doors can be opened or closed and lights turned on or off remotely or automatically when an alarm goes off.
  • Axis network cameras have a buffer that enables images--from just before or after an alarm--to be grouped.
"It struck us that Axis was the only provider of network cameras that had a comprehensive and professional range of products," continues Mr. Van Roey. "This enabled us to opt for a customized solution to our security problems."


For Van Roey Automation, the AXIS 210 Network Camera's high image quality at up to 30 frames per second, as well as its other benefits, provided the best solution in terms of value for money. Nine AXIS 210 cameras were installed at strategic locations throughout the company to detect movement. "This way of operating enables us to spend a minimum amount of time focusing on security: just one person is involved in supervising the project," says Mr. Van Roey. "Also, I myself have access to the pictures from any location I choose--from home or wherever I happen to be on holiday--at any time of the day. All I need is an Internet connection. "When one of the break-ins occurred, I was abroad, which left me feeling totally powerless because I had no overview of the situation. If this happens again in the future, I will be able to keep an eye on the situation myself and take the necessary action." For Van Roey Automation, using network cameras has had a dual effect. First, the people working at the cash register have greater peace of mind knowing their workplace is supervised at all times. The company also benefits from the ability to have someone remotely monitor the place from wherever he or she may be when the technical department is undermanned or not staffed at all, especially late in the day and on weekends. Second, the presence of cameras creates a 'psychological buffer', which is intended to act as a deterrent against further misdemeanours.

About Van Roey Automation

Van Roey Automation was established in 1993 by Patrick Van Roey. The company has a staff of 40. In addition to the general company structure, there are four core departments: 1) the Service Centre, which employs a team of about 20 technical engineers; 2) the Development Team, with up of eight software engineers whose projects include writing customized programs or designing Web sites; 3) the Business Centre/Corporate Sales department, which consists of four people who handle larger, multinational solutions; and 4) the Webstore/Retail Sales department, which employs five people to manage the company's store. The store enables customers to view and compare products and work with the salesperson to identify the most appropriate solution for them. More information about Van Roey Automation can be found at:

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