Tracking traffic with the Virginia DOT

Axis video servers give the public and first responders access to real-time traffic video

"The Axis video servers are so dependable that they have served up more than 500 million Web pages and not one of them has crashed in the years we have been running the system." Larry Nelson, president of TrafficLand


When the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) wanted to improve its traffic control center and monitoring system, they needed an upgrade that was cost-effective, simple to implement, and would enable Virginia commuters to access real-time traffic and road condition information.


Working with the VDOT, TrafficLand, a traffic systems specialist, decided to digitize the department’s existing analog camera monitoring system. TrafficLand selected Axis video servers and then developed both a public Internet site and a video distribution system accessible only to first responders.


There are now more than 100 cameras broadcasting live from the roads and by ways of northern Virginia every day, and the system has expanded to more than 240 state and local public cameras throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This helps area traffic flow more smoothly and enables first responders to react more quickly in emergency situations.

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