Minnesota Drivers Ease on Down the Road

Axis Video Servers Give Real-Time Internet Access to Traffic Conditions

"We consider this installation to be a tremendous success. By using Axis video servers, we found acost-effective solution that helps us accomplish our goal of making freeway travel easier and more efficient for the residents of the Twin Cities.” -- Patrick Osborn, Information Technology Specialist Minnesota DOT
The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) needed a system to give visual traffic updates to travelers in theTwin Cities metropolitan area, helping them make informed travel and route decisions. More than 60 Axis video servers were installed by the MnDOT Metro Traffic Engineering team, to digitize the feeds from its existing 238 analog traffic cameras, enabling real-time traffic images to be distributed over the Internet. By using Axis video servers to digitize its existing cameras, the MnDOT is able to distribute images of freeways and traffic conditions via its Web site. Now travelers can view traffic images from around the Twin Cities metro area and determine the best route to their destination. "We already had more than 200 analog cameras – to scrap a camera installation of that size and start from scratch was not an option," said Patrick Osborn, Information Technology Specialist for the MnDOT. "The low cost per video inputand the flexibility of the video servers were the most attractive features. They gave us the capabilities that we needed today with the room to expand in the future." The MnDOT's Web site provides easy access to traffic photos that are updated once per minute, enabling travelers to plan the best route in advance and to avoid conditions such as snow plowing, accidents or construction. In addition, Web-based congestion and incident maps can be provided almost instantaneously to media outlets, law enforcement agencies, firefighters and paramedics. The traffic updates on the Web site have been immensely popular with Twin Cities residents as well.

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