Sydney Airport takes security to new heights with Axis

Switch to network cameras adds value to video surveillance solution

"Its flexibility gives us better capacity to monitor and respond to issues as they occur and post incident. It gives us more information and more data to make better assessments," says Kyile Whyte, AVSEC Infrastructure, Technologyand Systems Manager, Sydney Airport Corporation.

The Mission

Sydney Airport sought a more flexible, scalable solution that could keep pace with its growing operations while maintaining the highest level of security and safety that staff and the traveling public expect from an airport regularly voted one of the world’s best.

The Solution

Sydney Airport decided to migrate from video servers to Axis network cameras. It has transitioned an analog-based video surveillance system comprising analog cameras over coax, to a hybrid IP-based solution with a total installation of more than 1,000 cameras. The network cameras feed directly into the airport’s Digital Video Manager video surveillance system delivered by Honeywell, a leading Axis partner. The video solution is fully integrated into the airport’s existing, comprehensive security, access control and surveillance system.

The Result

The migration to Axis network cameras delivers the benefits of true IP as well as time, cost, and space saving benefits. Sydney Airport has greater flexibility to configure the system to its needs, giving it access to more and better data that ultimately improves its ability to monitor and respond to issues as they occur.

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