Cost effective issue management in Taiwan

Liang Fu Security’s service model for security network system makes good use of digital surveillance

"Our Axis IP-Surveillance security network system helps us replace the practice of providing evidence afterward with managing any issue immediately. Our brand new service model generates outstanding revenues thanks to a variety of available applications. We look forward to an even stronger growth momentum in the digital surveillance service market.” Zhang Boyao, Deputy General Manager, Liang Fu Security.


In response to the security Taiwan market carved up by two major companies, Liang Fu Security has developed an innovative business model that integrates a digital video solution with telecommunications to provide a live video security service for advanced risk and security management.


Liang Fu utilizes Axis video encoders as the core which integrates the company’s existing analog CCTV system. Bilateral voice and alert input/output functions of Axis network cameras have also been implemented by Alpha Pricing, which provide technology support, and a highly competitive, complete video security network environment has therefore been established.


The IP-based Axis network video solution lets Liang Fu enjoy the advantages of digital surveillance without giving up the investment in its existing analog CCTV system. Now, superior image quality is readily available while the monthly cost for relevant equipment maintenance is 15% lower, and the centralized video management has significantly streamlined management.

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