First airport in Korea with HDTV quality network cameras

Reinforced monitoring of Gimpo International Airport building and parking lots with high-definition Axis network cameras

“As the first airport in Korea equipped with HDTV-quality network video solution, Gimpo International Airport has introduced a video surveillance system to prevent parking lot crimes and to specify passenger flows and incidents accurately. Moreover, the system ensures effectiveness in maintenance, repair, and management with its centrally controlled video monitoring and improved scalability from various control software. By upgrading the level of service with a new solution, the reputation of Gimpo International Airport as a domestic hub airport has been further reinforced.“ Gimpo International Airport official


Since its designation as an international airport in January 1958, Gimpo International Airport has provided customer service by offering regular flights to 71 cities in 28 countries. Gimpo International Airport enjoys the distinction of being the first airport in South Korea; it hosts 13 airlines offering both domestic and international flights. Guided by its mantra of “world-class public enterprise creating business and life,” Korea Airports Corporation has expanded its facilities and functions to offer airport visitors a space for culture, leisure, and shopping dubbed “Skycity.” As part of the U-Airport project aimed at developing and offering new IT-based services, the airport has pursued a future-oriented IT system to upgrade services for both domestic and foreign visitors.


The Aeronautical Communications Team of Korea Airports Corporation focused not only on the inside of the airport building but also on the exterior, including parking lots, which are always busy with visitors and cars. The team also believed that ensuring that 24/7 realtime viewing and monitoring for remote areas such as parking lots and entrances where lots of people come and go are in place is important. As such, the team wanted to build a system that is capable of preventing robbery and crime in parking lots, monitoring any incident involving airport visitors, and taking immediate measures accordingly. Furthermore, the team needed a system that enables passengers at bus terminals to know when the bus they are waiting for will arrive. After testing and reviewing various network-based CCTV solutions, the team adopted 22 Axis products including AXIS P5534 and AXIS Q1755.


With the adoption of the AXIS P5534 and AXIS Q1755 Network Cameras, Gimpo International Airport established a centrally controlled system that is capable of real-time viewing and monitoring to boost effectiveness. The biggest change was that the new system provides HDTV image quality, which is far superior compared to the analog system. By reinforcing surveillance and monitoring for parking lots and vulnerable areas crowded with visitors, Gimpo International Airport has evolved into a place where customers can enjoy improved safety and convenience wherever they are.

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