Boosting security at Atsugi Plastics

24 hour efficient factory monitoring by Axis network cameras

“The effects of introducing network cameras have been great indeed. We are moving toward installation of 70 additional AXIS M10 Series Network Cameras in Factory 1 and Factory 3 of the Kanto factory branches.“ Mr. Koji Takahashi, Factory Manager, Kanto Factory, Atsugi Plastics.


Atsugi Plastics Kanto factory manufactures plastic cups for foods such as Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt, Akai Kitsune noodles and Ippei-Chan noodles. The company produces roughly 30% of the total plastic cups used for instant ramen and yakisoba noodles in Japan. The Kanto factory employs 250 persons and is in operation 24 hours a day. Traditionally, introducing a monitoring system has been a challenge, especially in order to monitor the factory at night, and for the security inside and outside of the factory.


In 2007 and 2008, Atsugi Plastics conducted trials with analog cameras, recorders and web cameras. The network cameras were selected as the most appropriate choice, and the selection of cameras began. The cameras needed to be as small and lightweight as possible. NetCam Systems Corporation recommended the AXIS M1011 as a small, lightweight, and high-performance fixed network camera, and 42 of these cameras were installed in one of the factories in April 2010. It became possible to monitor the videos being recorded by all 42 cameras in the factory with one computer, using NetCam Systems’ recording software, KxView Pro 32.


After the network cameras were installed, the following points were noted:
  • Movement of machines: Conducting safety-checks when employees notice trouble with a machine, and checking that important parts of the machines are running smoothly
  • Security inside the factory: Checking the factory as a whole
In addition, when there is a need to check the status of work after the product has been shipped, it is now possible to check as far back as three months.

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