Traffic under control in Forlì

Strategic placement of network cameras ensure public security

“We are fully satisfied with the facility we installed. Thanks to the new system we are able to monitor and improve our intervention in case of traffic jams, getting also a more general control on traffic, that will allow us to improve the road conditions. Moreover, this open system ensures the highest level of flexibility and allows for subsequent integration and modifications after the startup implementation.“ Massimo Di Menna, Director of IT Services for the Town of Forlì.


The municipality of Forlì, chief town of the Forlì-Cesena province, wanted to enrich the existing video surveillance installation with a system that could allow an effective monitoring of the vehicular traffic going in and out of the town area. Specifically, they were interested in gathering information about the traffic flow (number and type of vehicles), and getting statistics data that could help the administrators to choose the best traffic management policies.


Altran Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the Altran Group, offers advisor services to global organizations on technology and process innovation, development and management of IT systems as well as strategies and management. In the town of Forlì, about 70 Axis network cameras and video encoders have been installed and integrated with the existing analog cameras. The system was subsequently extended, and it now includes a total of about 120 cameras for traffic monitoring and management, providing an urban surveillance facility for public security.


The town administration of Forlì is fully satisfied with the installed system. One of the highlights is its scalability. Moreover, thanks to the ability to continue using the existing cameras, the council could get the most out of the investments made by the previous administrators and monitor wider areas of the town environment. The system is still being enlarged.

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