Safer stores with Axis' solutions

Axis video servers reduce incidents of theft in retail store

"Each and every security arrangement helps fight crime and makes our stores less attractive for break-ins and robberies. The extra confidence our staff gains through 'Trygg Butik' makes it easier for them to control situations that might have gone out of control before." Peter Claeson, Security Manager, the Stadium Group


Through Swedish security specialists, Securitas, the company was introduced to the Trygg Butik (Safe Store) concept, an initiative involving IP-based network solutions that are aimed at preventing crimes before they happen.


As part of the initiative, Stadium chose a solution that included an analog camera, an AXIS 2401 Video Server and a broadband (ISDN) modem connection. The solution required very little investment in new hardware since the AXIS 2401 enables the transformation of analog video into high quality digital images that can be transmitted over an existing IP network. When a situation feels threatening, shop staff can request Securitas' attention by simply pressing a fixed or portable button that activates the surveillance camera. From its emergency center, Securitas can monitor the situation and take suitable action.


Since the installation at a 'problem' store in Stockholm, not a single incident has been reported. Staff found the system easy to use, and feels more secure and comfortable with their working environment. 

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