AXIS Tailgating Detector supports unmanned operation and customer service at 24-hour sports gym

Implementing a high-deterrence system by combining Axis audio solutions with AXIS Camera Station

“When viewed from the perspective of customer-centric operations, voice announcements also lead to improved service, and in addition we feel it is useful in deterring improper use. We hope to utilize these functions for a variety of other applications going forward.” Kohei Murakami, Director & General Manager of SP Wellness Business Division, Sanpuku Holdings Co., Ltd.


The P•SPO24 chain of 24-hour sports gyms, operated by Sanpuku Holdings Co., Ltd., currently has 15 branches, mainly in Matsuyama City, Japan. Half of the branches are unmanned, and because staff are not always present at nighttime even in the manned branches, it was necessary to implement a reliable and efficient means of serving customers and preventing crime during these times. Previously, the company had used vein pattern recognition for member access control, but the cost per branch of deploying this system was high, and there were limits to the number of members it could handle. For that reason, following an increase in the number of branches and members, the company began investigating the opportunity presented by the deployment of a new system to implement detection of “tailgating,” whereby multiple members enter the facility simultaneously. Such a system would prevent incursions by suspicious individuals, as well as improper use by people who are not members. It would also allow the company to reliably obtain a more accurate understanding of usage times for individual members.


WIN Co., Ltd. suggested a solution consisting of a face recognition system combined with AXIS Tailgating Detector and an AXIS C1410 Network Speaker, a proposal that was adopted by the company. In the event that tailgating is detected, a snapshot is taken by an AXIS M3064-V Network Camera and transmitted via AXIS Camera Station to staff by email. At the same time, a pre-recorded voice message such as “This customer has not been registered” or “Please enter one at a time” is played over the speaker in order to notify the customer. Because staff can check the images remotely, they proceed to the branch itself only if required. This system enables an efficient approach to management that allows staff to focus on customer service.


Previously, a buzzer was used to alert customers when tailgating was detected, which meant that it was not possible to convey clearly to them the reason for the alert. The new system enables customers to be given a polite and specific voice message to notify them of the situation.

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