Rescue service installs cameras on their command vehicles

A network-based camera solution from Axis streamlines the work of the emergency services and helps to save lives

"Having the camera is like having an extra pair of eyes. We have the eyes of the command and control centre on site immediately from when we arrive at the scene of the accident.” David Sköld, Incident Command Officer, Landskrona Fire and Rescue Service.


Landskrona Fire and Rescue Service in Sweden wanted to streamline and enhance the quality of its work in order to improve its rescue operations, and to better manage incidents.


Incendium provided a streaming solution with its IncidentShare software and an AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera for selected command vehicles. Images from the camera are transmitted in real time to the emergency services command and control centre, a service leased by RC South, part of Region South Fire and Rescue Service. In this way, the command and control centre has a better understanding of the situation at the scene of the accident. The command and control centre can provide better advice and assistance to the incident command, such as whether it needs to send reinforcements to the fire or to the scene of the accident, for example, as well as contact authorities and/or external experts, if necessary.


The solution has streamlined the work of the emergency services. Communication from the command and control centre is faster, with better advice, allowing the incident task force to make better decisions quicker, which helps to save lives and property.

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