De Rocker Logistics opts for the reliability of an Axis camera surveillance system

Comprehensive camera coverage of a 15,000m2 semiautomated warehouse with room for 12,000 pallets

“This VMS solution offered by Axis makes it possible to view the camera feeds from wherever you are. Whether you’re accessing the footage from a laptop or a cellphone, you can easily look back as far as 30 days ago.” Frank Gysens, owner of Compuserv.


Camera security is not new, but the available technology is developing rapidly. In its brand-new distribution center in Zele, Belgium, De Rocker Logistics wanted to secure its 15,000m2 semiautomated warehouse, which can accommodate 12,000 pallets, by installing a very extensive camera system. To make this happen, the organization contacted Compuserv, an Axis partner who they have been working with for years to meet their IT hardware needs. Compuserv is an expert in IT infrastructure, which was convenient when installing this smart camera solution.


Equipped with a detailed floor plan of the entire location, and supported by Axis, Compuserv set to work using AXIS Site Designer. This free design tool provided by Axis makes it easy to upload a map or floor plan and scale the dimensions before you start marking camera positions. Araani Fire Guard, a video app that can be installed on most Axis cameras, serves as a supplementary fire monitoring system on site, in addition to the required smoke detectors. The complete system is connected using 12 Zyxel routers, which supply connectivity and power to the cameras via a Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable. The cameras provide varying resolutions depending on the position and purpose of each camera.


Using AXIS Site Designer, Compuserv was able to give De Rocker Logistics a quick, efficient estimate for a realistic overview of the camera solution that would be needed for the location. AXIS Site Designer not only calculates how many cameras are needed, but also works out how much bandwidth and storage capacity will be required in various situations. That was very useful when designing a solution for such a large location. The biggest advantage, without a doubt, is that the camera feed can also be viewed from a different location. That flexibility was an important requirement from the start of the installation process.

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