Stamping out wildfires

ALERTWildfire uses a network of Axis PTZ cameras to track wildfire outbreaks, pinpoint ignition sites, monitor conflagrations, and inform incident command decisions on deploying resources and initiating evacuations

“The actionable, real=time data the Axis cameras provide have made a huge difference in how quickly incident commands can assess a situation and marshal the necessary resources. It’s become a real game changer in terms of wildfire containment and public safety.” Dr. Neal Driscoll, Professor of Geosciences at the University of California, San Diego.


With wildfires spreading across western United States at increasing intensity and speed, ALERTWildfire wanted to deploy high quality camera technology in forested areas to help firefighters and the public spot fire ignitions before they burst into full-fledged conflagrations. Because the cameras would be installed in remote locations, they needed to be rugged enough to withstand the elements, including seismic activity. They also had to deliver crystal-clear images under a variety of lighting conditions and have a zoom capability to confirm fires that might be 70 miles or more away.


ALERTWildfire turned to Professional Telecommunications Services (PTS) of California, an Axis partner, for suggestions. After testing nearly 200 competitive products, PTS recommended the high-performance AXIS Q60 Network Cameras. These cameras proved that they could deliver superior video quality even in low light and could withstand the arctic temperatures on mountaintops. To date, ALERTWildfire has installed more than 800 Axis cameras on fire towers, cell towers, and private communications infrastructures across six states to help firefighters and the public monitor forests for hot spots and to provide ongoing situational awareness.


During the past eight fire seasons, the Axis cameras have assisted in combatting more than 2000 fires saving countless lives and property along the way. When a flareup is spotted, first responders can remotely control the cameras to triangulate its location. Early detection in the incipient phase of the fire has led to more rapid dispatch of emergency services and in dozens of cases prevented those fires from flaming out of control. Because the ALERTWildfire website posts live streams from the Axis cameras, the public can also monitor the situation to determine if they’re in the fire’s path and when they might need to evacuate.

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