When it counts: Training task forces for emergency scenarios with IP video

Bavarian Center for Special Operations (BayZBE) uses video security technology and simulations for realistic training of emergency forces

“The planning and implementation phases were coordinated and implemented by the project management teams of BayZBE and SIMStation. From our point of view, the close coordination of all relevant points as well as the perfectly coordinated cooperation with the architect’s office and all involved trades were flawless.” Joachim Hilbrand, CEO of SIMStation.


When disaster strikes, every minute counts. Special concepts and trainings are essential for civil protection authorities and aid organizations in order to be prepared for emergencies. In moments of crisis, cooperation between the individual organizations must function flawlessly. The Bavarian Center for Special Operations (Bayerische Zentrum für besondere Einsatzlagen, BayZBE) is a specialized facility that prepares for such emergencies. The center relies on innovative technology to evaluate the practical training sessions in the most structured way possible and to use them for training purposes. For example, a state-of-the-art audio and video system supports the simulation of the operations.


BayZBE relies on a total of three solutions from SIMStation, a specialist in video-based training solutions for training specialist personnel. The simulations are filmed, recorded and evaluated. Via microphone and loudspeaker, the trainers can also transmit information to the participants. The SIMStation installation at BayZBE comprises a stationary AV system with two control consoles and a mobile AV system. The stationary installation uses dome network cameras and bullet cameras from Axis Communications. The dome cameras in the simulation rooms can be partially panned and tilted. This provides a full 360° view of what is happening, giving trainers a good basis for comprehensive viewing and evaluating of the operation. In addition, a bullet camera is installed in each of the training rooms, providing high playback quality in difficult lighting conditions.


The installation of SIMStation creates a modern and professional training opportunity for skills enhancement of the emergency forces. Processes can be trained, analyzed and optimized. Excellent sound and image quality allow for timely and realistic presentation and reprocessing of the operational scenarios. A structured debriefing ensures continuous improvement of the CRM culture. Impressions and knowledge gained remain with the participants for a long time.

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