Meeting the future surveillance needs of Shore Medical

Shore Medical Center provides high-level security to its patients, staff and visitors with efficient, intuitive IP cameras and a video management system to monitor its campus inside and out

“The Axis solution is leaps and bounds ahead of what we had with our previous video system in terms of quality, coverage, storage and ease of use. It’s a pleasure to work with.” Lawrence Phillips, Director of Security, Shore Medical Center.


Shore Medical’s previous video surveillance system was a combination of analog and IP cameras from different manufacturers making it difficult to manage with the video management system (VMS) they were using at the time. Given the vital importance of hospital security, Shore Medical Center decided they needed to update the surveillance system with a more modern, intuitive solution.


The hospital turned to Axis partner Corepoint Networks, who recommended an Axis video surveillance solution consisting of cameras with varying range and view, and a Milestone XProtect® Expert VMS. The cameras that Corepoint deployed included panoramic and multisensor models with four-sensor field of views of 180° and 360°. They not only allowed the hospital to improve coverage and video quality, but to do so with fewer cameras.


Since deploying the Axis video solution and Milestone VMS, Shore Medical has benefitted from more efficient video management, cutting the time needed to search video from hours to minutes and allowing IT personnel to more quickly provide valuable information to the hospital’s risk management team and law enforcement as needed. Additionally, eliminating the analog-IP video system has allowed Shore Medical to reduce the hardware required for video storage and free up floor space in its Security Operations Center while also implementing a system with automatic failover in the event of an outage.

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