Success in designing, specifying and installing high-quality security solutions

How two trusted Axis partners have benefited from AXIS Site Designer, a powerful tool that is transforming the way they do business and win projects

"AXIS Site Designer is not complicated. It allows professional systems to be accurately designed and even produces detailed inventories, providing a real wow factor for clients and prospects. I’m confident that it has significantly contributed to us winning new customers." Gerry Numa, Chief Technical Officer, Acctive Systems.


Designing and specifying a physical security solution for a site can be a highly complex process. Two of Axis trusted partners, Southern Fire and Security and Acctive Systems, found that it was becoming increasingly problematic to demonstrate to their clients the precise functionality of security technologies in fine detail and to show how they would operate at a site or impact existing infrastructure. As evolving threats demand new and dedicated solutions for advanced levels of protection, both Axis partners realised that they needed to find a solution that would enable them to design and demonstrate modern security technologies quickly, with greater flexibility, in a way that would more accurately promote their benefits to the customer.


Southern Fire and Security and Acctive Systems turned to AXIS Site Designer, a powerful web application that is ideally suited for designing surveillance systems featuring Axis end-to-end products as well as those from selected third party VMS partners. AXIS Site Designer facilitates the quick and easy design of complete and complex solutions to the finest detail. The intuitive application has great capabilities to help streamline design workflow; simplify the demonstration of security products and accessories; calculate exact camera angles for maximum visibility; share site notes with installers; automatically generate a quotation; and change items in the bill of materials within minutes. AXIS Site Designer has vastly improved the service that both businesses can offer to their customers.


Both Southern Fire and Security and Acctive Systems have found AXIS Site Designer to be a major benefit through its ability to provide detail down to a granular level in their solution designs, while high-quality, detailed inventories demonstrate a level of professionalism to prospects and clients. The application makes it extremely fast and easy to make design recommendations, adding and changing solutions to meet customer demand.

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