Safety21 and Axis: partners for a safer metropolitan city of Milan

A smart solution integrating IP cameras with edge analytics for a 360° and active monitoring of the metropolitan city

“Axis solutions allow us not only to gather data and information in a wide range of situations – from detecting environmental crimes or determined events, such as rules violations or accidents in proximity of pedestrian crossings – but also to interact with our Titan® ecosystem to make operators life easier.” Gianluca Longo, Safety21 Group CEO.


Enhancing road safety is among the primary aims of the policies of the metropolitan city of Milan. As is known, accidents are one of the main causes of violent death and, being pedestrians the principal victims, they are considered as the first “vulnerable subjects” to protect. In this framework, approving proper regulations and introducing effective traffic violation detection systems are prerequisite conditions to implement policies of road safety risks prevention. Therefore, the metropolitan city of Milan has promoted an integrated project of road safety to reduce accidents and safeguard “vulnerable subjects”, with the medium-term goal of gradually reducing to zero road accident-related deaths and fines.


In order to allow the metropolitan city of Milan to carry out an integrated project of road safety, Safety21 – market leader in the field of technology services for Public Bodies and Police Forces - suggested a mixed and integrated protection solution using Axis technology, complete with IP cameras with edge analytics and 360° cameras. All this was possible thanks to its range of advanced platforms and innovative outsourcing systems for the improvement of road safety standards. The investment and business risk related to this project are borne by the private subject. While the project’s cash flow deriving from the management and provision activity will ensure a financial return.


As a result of the collaboration between Axis and Safety21, the metropolitan city of Milan had the chance to enhance its road safety and to improve the observance of the rules with video-based management solutions. The metropolitan city, thanks to its partners, is now able to monitor the main roads connecting the towns on its territory, gathering real time information and thus simplifying the decisional process.

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