The Colruyt brand chooses Axis video management system for protecting its stores

Colruyt is a Belgian supermarket chain with more than 90 stores in France, mostly in the country’s greater northeastern quarter

“For the past 10 years, we have had an excellent relationship with Axis Communications, based on trust and proximity. We’re informed of innovations ahead of time, so we get to test everything new. We also share their values, particularly their commitment to the environment in offering products that are both sophisticated and sustainable.” Thibault Feuvrier, manager of low-current engineering consultancy.


In 2010, the video protection system for the group’s 50 stores had an analog management system, which meant a lot of cables and some issues with the recorders. So, Colruyt’s main objective was to develop its system by integrating new IP-based technologies and deploying a new IP system in future stores and in those undergoing renovation. They wanted video surveillance that was more effective, better optimized and simple to use.


With the first store in Belgium doing a pilot with Axis Communications, the French teams looked further into the Axis brand. They discovered AXIS Camera Station video surveillance management software and decided to test it — it was a success. Easy to install, configure and use, this solution conformed to Colruyt’s specifications. It also involves durable products that limit risk and provide long-term peace of mind.


Coupled with AXIS Q3515-LVE and AXIS M3115-LVE Network Cameras, the video management software offers an optimally effective surveillance system. It allows upstream reduction in installation and configuration time and offers an intuitive interface for managing the whole system from one place. This minimizes reaction time when there is an incident in the supermarkets, and security is improved for the customers, with fast export of evidence in high definition.

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