The centennial of the Battle of Verdun at the heart of a metro area’s security strategy

Security of a vast centralized territory based on a network of state-of-the-art cameras from Axis Communications

“The downtown delinquency rate dropped 35% in the first year, and is down as much as 46% today.” Gérard Stcherbinine, 3rd deputy mayor of Verdun for peace and security.


As centennial commemorations of the Battle of Verdun approached in 2016, the city wanted to step up its security strategy by first developing a network of video protection cameras in the center of town, and then in five communities in greater metropolitan Verdun.


More than 90 Axis cameras were installed to ensure protection of the main infrastructures, certain cultural locations and places of worship, and several areas deemed vulnerable. Certain illegal dumping sites have also been identified and equipped. Various technologies are used based on their purposes. PTZ cameras are remote controlled and can focus on various centers of interest. Multisensors integrate four optical devices capable of filming 360 degrees and give an overall view of a situation. 4K cameras offer very high resolution for more detail, and cameras that read license plates allow vehicle identification.


This project was very well received by the residents — they felt much more reassured. This has considerably decreased deterioration of buildings and preserved local heritage. It decreased delinquency by 35% in the heart of town the first year after installation, and up to 46% today. Eventually, the City of Verdun hopes to cover all the town’s districts and then complete installations at public buildings.

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