Axis solutions at the heart of cutting-edge digital advertising technology solution

Network cameras provide insight for analysis

“With the help of Axis cameras, LENS has delivered a world-first, premium analytics platform that is easy to explain to customers and provide trustworthy data points.” Robin Arnold, Chief Technology Officer, LENS.


New Zealand’s only nationwide, pure-play digital media network, LUMO Outdoor, recently partnered with LENS, who provide audience analysis for digital display advertising. The two organisations launched a new digital display advertising solution, aiming to give advertisers and marketing professionals a unique, insightful experience for Digital out Of Home (DOOH) marketing. Rather than keep using the ‘scattergun’ approach which has proven popular and effective for many years, Out Of Home (OOH) marketing – large, bright visual displays at roadsides near shopping centres, airports and other areas of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic – needed to evolve and start taking advantage of modern technology by providing much deeper insights into an audience, and allowing the advertiser to adjust their message in real time.


The LUMO Outdoor and LENS solution captures images specifically from passing vehicles, using advanced Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology coupled with high-resolution video cameras. Previously, marketers would spend a lot of time, effort and capital on researching where their target demographic was most likely to see, and respond to an advertising banner or display, and install it, hoping for the best. The new solution drills much deeper into specific details about the traffic passing one of these display advertisements, giving marketers more control over what ads are displayed, to whom they are displayed, and when. Essentially, this allows much more targeted and effective advertising and therefore a better use of marketing budgets.


The LENS platform, in conjunction with the Axis cameras, gives advertising clients insights and campaign validation unlike any other OOH operator. The platform and information provided by the cameras offers stakeholders the ability to be smarter in planning campaigns and improve the return-on-investment of their advertising spend.

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