Araani’s innovative video analytics are a breakthrough in fire detection and monitoring

The use of intelligent cameras for fire protection offers numerous advantages

“We tested several cameras in different lighting conditions before developing our technology. The quality of the Axis cameras was by far the best option.” Pieter Claerhout, CEO of Araani


Traditional smoke detectors are efficient, but do have a few downsides. For example, in some cases they are late in sounding the alarm because the smoke really has to penetrate into the detector. In addition, they are sometimes a little too sensitive, which easily leads to a false alarm, resulting in possibly unnecessary evacuation and a ton of confusion over nothing. For this reason, Araani started looking for a more reliable fire safety solution. The company first developed SmokeCatcher Certified and later supplemented its product portfolio with FlameCatcher Certified. Both products have been approved as fire detectors. Araani recently also launched Araani Fire Guard, a similar application that can easily be installed on a surveillance camera and also serves as a fire monitoring system. However, the Araani Fire Guard cannot replace a traditional fire detector.


Araani was the first to start using smart video analysis for smoke and flame detection. With SmokeCatcher Certified and FlameCatcher Certified, Araani opted to use an Axis network camera with Axis Lightfinder technology, which guarantees a high-quality image even in very low light. Both applications have CNPP as well as BOSEC certification and can therefore fully take over the role of the legally mandated fire alarms. The primary function of the camera then becomes fire detection by means of a link to the fire alarm center, with the image to support it. Newcomer Araani Fire Guard can be installed on most Axis cameras as an additional check to supplement mandatory smoke detectors. The product is also useful in situations where fire detection is not mandatory, but the end user would still like to have efficient basic fire monitoring. It is not possible to link the Araani Fire Guard to the fire alarm center.


Unlike a classic fire detector, the solutions provided by Araani do not have to establish physical contact with the fire, ensuring that potential danger is detected at a much earlier stage. In addition, the video images make it much easier to find the cause of a fire.

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